Getting things done for real this time!! Execution!

Road to successHow many times have you been part of a high energy off site planning session?   Plans are discussed and the team gets excited.  Then what happens?  Everyone heads back to the office and the wind goes out of the sails in the matter of 30 days for a lot of companies.  How do we fix this challenge?  It takes a process that really is built to make it simple to stay on track.  Generally, it will break into 4 steps to fix the culture of execution.  You need to get Traction!!!

Let’s look at the steps of execution as they fall into 4 discernible phases.

  1. Narrow the focus to 1-2 goals or targets. We get swallowed up by the day to day so when we are hit with 5-7 goals and metrics from an offsite and then get back to business unfortunately the day to day wins.  So, 1-2 items max to control the focus.
  2. Define the who and what around those 1-2 goals. Now that you have the goals defined you need to determine the personnel and the metrics to keep the goals on track for success.  So, define the measures and milestones for the goals and who is responsible for what and your odds for successful execution just went up again.
  3. Tracking and celebrating success. Create a scoreboard all can see and track to know where performance stands.  This helps create better team support and also transparent communication and accountability.  We all want to win and this helps us see how to do that.
  4. Hold weekly meetings to report progress. This will again create the team buy in and accountability you need for success.  Regular meetings are like the pulse of the projects and processes that you are working on.  The team gets use to that reporting structure and it makes it easier for them to plan activity and understand accountability.

 It may sound simple but carrying out the 4 steps is not easy, it can break down at any one of these steps.  To get real Traction it takes a leader up to the task that can make sure all are on board and engaged at a high level.  You have seen the word Traction in here now 3 times bold, underlined and italic.  That is because it is a book and that program from the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is what we teach at The Growth Factory.  The EOS process is a proven one to allow you to set track and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  Simply put you will get things done and after all that is what we are talking about right?  Execution!!!

Are you interested in getting more out of your business?  More growth, efficiencies and profit.  If the answer is yes like it is for most businesses talk to us about implementing EOS with you and your team.  Until next time when we will cover building trust.

I wish you success and growth.


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