Be part of our CEO roundtable intended to bring new ideas, vision, and solutions to your business by working and learning with other business leaders in an open and sharing environment. Meet once monthly for 90 minutes over lunch.

Join our CEO roundtable to consistently build rapport with your peers to give you new perspectives on the difficult decisions you’re faced with and to encourage you to break through barriers, fears, and limitations with open, honest discussion and feedback.

These groups are designed for collaboration and are professionally facilitated to help you expand your views beyond current business pressures and challenges.  The Growth Factory presents a series of relevant business topics to open discussion while improving accountability.  Unforeseen solutions are discovered with a group of unbiased peers to share your thoughts and opinions with.

These advisory sessions are held once per month in our facility and will last around 90 minutes and lunch will be provided.  One to one monthly coaching sessions with our professional facilitator is also available.

Best results are produced with ongoing, consistent involvement.

Please fill out the form below to receive information on our next group forming:

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