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The skills I have learned from both GEAR and Top GEAR have allowed me to build a stronger more cohesive team all while allowing me to grow tremendously as a manager.  I can honestly say without Tim and The Growth Factory I would not have been able to have those fierce conversations with my employees, strive to hold my team and upper management accountable, create a team that works together & communicates well, dealt with company culture changes, set goals for myself and team…the list goes on and on.  In 14 months I have been able to take away skills that take some people a lifetime to learn.  Tim’s expertise and passion truly come out each and every meeting.

Brandon Cook | N. Glantz and Son (Top GEAR member)

“I am a young leader who has achieved a very challenging and impactful role at my company.  I have had to rapidly learn the needs of my team in order to be effective as a manager.  Tim has been able to help me adjust my management style to accelerate our performance. Our business is currently growing at a very high-level Year over Year.  Thank you for your coaching, experience and allowing me to learn and grow through your groups and 1:1 coaching.”

Jeff Russell| Tom Drexler Plumbing, HVAC, Electric and Remodeling – (Top GEAR member)

I am impressed by what The Growth Factory/GEAR Group has done for my two middle management employees thus far.  Bottom line, both managers are much more engaged with their employees and immediate manager.  Their focus, increased skill level, application techniques and results are becoming much more obvious to the Senior management here at Bluefin Seafoods.

Cory Mollack | Bluefin Seafoods

I have been working with the Growth Factory for a year and half. Started out with one person in their leadership program, we have grown to three people now in their leadership programs. The growth that these employees have shown since being in the Growth Factory’s program has been substantial. Making them better leaders and making better decisions in the day to day business.

Steve Blust | TP Mechanical

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