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Welcome to The Growth Factory

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our business and the opportunities to work together to help grow your business.  We started The Growth Factory with the mission to develop managers in a way that benefits both the individual and the business they are a part of.

Our goals were straight forward bringing together like minded individuals at all levels of organizations and facilitating a learning and sharing environment that can bring out solutions that would not be there without the input and creativity of the group.

We help leaders at the top of the organization process decisions from hiring and acquisitions to product rationalization and channel expansion.

We believe in an education program for newer managers to help ramp up their knowledge and become stronger contributors faster than anyone would have expected.

And of course, we are here to support any need for one on one coaching or mentoring as we feel that is the most important role anyone can provide within an organization.

Our business is all about your businesses growth and improvement.  That is why we say at The Growth Factory – “our output is your success”.

Thank you for your consideration and future business.

Tim Hess – Founder/President

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