The Heartbeat of Your Business

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We all say it more and more this time of the year.  As the end of the year approaches, we  become more and more goal driven. Suddenly, our teams have an amped up awareness of numbers, goals and what it will take to hit certain levels because there’s usually a bonus tied to it.  This extra focus and increase in performance feel good around the business, but it is usually short-lived.  When the calendar turns and the numbers are counted focus and energy seem to take a bit of a break and a deep breath from the hard end of the year push.  So, what if you could harness that year-end push and keep it more consistent all the time.

The focus of all businesses is to have the best return on the investment put into it.  Human capital is one of the largest assets that we have to lead and encourage to get the best overall results.  If you look at the performance of a team you see a spike in activity right before any due date.  If you only have one true measurement point a year you only have one period of truly heightened performance for your business or your teams.

We like to use a formal quarterly accountability/measurement because it helps to harness those emotional activity peaks and smooths them out to keep the total year at a higher performance level.  Instead of a peak at year-end, you have four accountability points that drive individuals and teams to have their work complete and reported on.  All of this leads to better results and your team/business is thinking about driving or finding innovative ways to accomplish their goals.  This can be done through quarterly companywide meetings to show each teams goal and their results.  When you set up this type of accountability/recognition you will be shocked by how your teams respond.  No one likes to have their numbers shown and see a big miss to a goal.  Self-motivation now is driving all the time to do everything possible to stay on goal and receive the positive recognition at the quarterly celebrations you now have set up for your business.

We would love to see you challenge your business in this way to track the improvement you can achieve.  It is important to always look for and try to maximize our human nature to respond to deadlines.  This will deliver measurable improvement but you have to stay creative with it as anything can become tired and worn out.  That is your challenge going forward.  If you need ideas give us a call as we have a lot of different approaches you can use to keep things fresh and your teams motivated.

Good luck and wishing you growth and success.


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