Quit Chasing Squirrels!

Focus Concept Clipped Cards and Lights

Everything in business moves faster and happens easier when everyone is moving in the same direction or following the same plan.  One of the most critical things we can do as business leaders are to make sure we align core values throughout the organization.  After core values are set and we are following them we must stick with the core focus of the business.  When a business has this focus, there is tremendous growth driven by a clarity of the vision seen by all.

Like all things, this is easier said than done.  For business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs there is always that fever for more growth and doing more.  Most of the time it becomes satisfied by going outside of your core strengths.  Businesses believe that since we do so well with “A” we should go ahead and enter market “Z”.  This is the downfall for many as they try to chase hot markets or expand well beyond their core focus.  Once the errors of those ways come to surface resources have been squandered and key customers have been lost, maybe even lost employees.  While it may seem easy to take on other business opportunities the result is moving outside of your businesses sweet spot.  When this happens and the product/service is not performing, more resources are thrown at it because we never think it’s not the right product. We tend to think that we just must be doing something wrong.  Then the dust settles and it’s realized that the product/service is not a fit and it has failed.  Ultimately, your business has paid the price through loss of various resources as we discussed above.

It is critical to determine your real core values and then take those to create your core focus.  By doing this the clarity of your core values will bring into focus what you are looking for.  That core focus should come from answering just a few simple questions.  At the Growth Factory, we help clients find that core focus by walking them down the discovery path of what truly makes their business unique and help them to build on it. We work with you to find the “WHY” behind your business.

Once you have this direction set it becomes really easy to ignore all those pesky squirrels that want to take you off course to chase them somewhere you don’t need to go.  Let your competition chase them while you grow by delivering the best product/service to the right customers.

Wishing you great growth!!


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