What Did You Do Today?

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How many times in our lives did we hear the question, “What did you do today”?  Those 5 words would hang in the air and our response had the full attention of mom, dad or both.   Depending on our age the response was either simplistic and straightforward or our older more mature responses were intentionally vague to keep others guessing at what was going on inside our worlds.  It was always a probe sent out by mom and dad to see what was going on with this alien-like teenager they didn’t fully understand.  It seemed reasonable that a response would be shared based on the conversation starter they threw out.  They missed the part where most teens learned that single syllable responses ended parents quest the fastest.

Well, all those fun memories aside, it’s time to start answering this question again today.  What did you do today?  Did you make a difference in the world today?  Did you impact someone’s life positively?  What impact did you have over the 8-9 hours you were in the world on your own?  Is there something or someone to show for your time?  Maybe there was a life you changed in some small way through your actions.  Maybe there was a decision that changed due to your work and effort.  All these things add up to your mark in the world and you are writing it every day.  We all need to think about the traces of ourselves we leave behind.  Hopefully, we want the impact to be a positive one.  Are we doing the right acts for that to happen?  If you feel like you might not be doing the proper things up to this point that’s the beauty of the process.  Change now, make your traces powerful and remembered by others going forward.

As we sat back on this Memorial Day and remembered all the veterans who answered this question 90, 60 or 10 years ago with the most powerful answer to give; do we realize that we have a long way to go before we’ve sacrificed much at all?  Reflecting on the purpose of Memorial Day we recognize that if not for those brave men and women who are willing to lay down their life for a bigger purpose we would not be in this great country we find ourselves in today.  We may not even have the freedoms to ask this question.  Go out every day to answer the question, “What did you do today”?  Give it everything you’ve got and leave nothing behind.  Our mission at The Growth Factory is to help create and develop better leaders and managers to have an overall impact on their companies and every person they come into contact with.  We hope you find your purpose and live it out to the best of your abilities.

Wishing you Good Growth.


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