Try, Try Again…

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We can all recall the saying that ends with the three words above, “try, try again”.  How many of us truly live by them?  My observation is that statistics would show not that high of a percentage.  Why is that?  Sure, there are many things we can view as out of our reach or out of our control as we focus on current limitations.  We probably grumble and complain about them daily.  Am I right?  A person’s effort, my friends, is something that is 100% within control.  All the riches can not buy a person’s effort.  No one is handed more of it than others.  A person’s effort is not found in even their physical or mental abilities. As a matter of fact, it’s been proven time and again that effort supersedes both physical and mental capabilities.  It comes from a determination.  Some call it heart, others would say willpower, yet others call it drive.

Okay, so let me say it again and let this statement seep into your minds so that it is rooted there forevermore.  A person’s effort is 100% within their control.

So, if this is the case why are there not hundreds of thousands of people launching new businesses?  Why aren’t the dreamers fulfilling their dreams of opening that new bistro down the street, becoming doctors and lawyers, or climbing that business ladder to success?  Rather than, the percentages are higher of those who are conditioned in such a way that the possibility of success is an outreach.  Everything is stacked up against them and the excuses are endless.  Truly, the only person to blame for wherever we are in this life is ourselves.  It is up to the person living it each day to take ownership of their success.  Let today be the day that you keep your dream alive.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself “today is the day I will succeed”.

Persistence sums up the blend to success.  Effort + Persistence = Success!!  It’s the key to keeping us going.  There will be more falls than not on this journey and we must get back up, dust ourselves off, and go again and again and again.  Thomas Edison failed many times over in his efforts to invent the light bulb until he actually invented the light bulb. When things get tough don’t give up because it may be that next adjustment that gets you over the climb.  If you think things should be easy they usually never are.  Those with persistence will keep pushing until they overcome and will celebrate crashing through the challenges put in front of them.  Have any of you seen the movie, “The Founder”? It’s another great story that drives the point of persistence home.  Ray Kroc was just a man with a crazy idea.  He failed to hit it big with many opportunities, but his persistence finally pushed through to his big deal with McDonald’s and he never looked back.

How about our 2017 Superbowl?  The Patriots stayed the course, maintained persistence to their game plan and methodically began to score.  The game got closer and closer until it was tied.  As it headed into overtime I don’t think there was much doubt on who would win the game after the coin toss.  The score was down 28 to 3 and their persistence to not give up and to keep trying play after play showed drive that not many teams would have.  The Patriots have won their fair share of Superbowls.  They’re winners and they’ve earned it by being persistent and never giving up no matter the odds.  This mindset will take you so many more places than where you’ll end up with a list of excuses.

When asked which Superbowl ring he likes best.  Tom Brady simply answers, “The next one.”  Persistence is not something that’s taught it’s in each one of us waiting to come out.  Unleash the power of it today and make tomorrow whatever you want it to be.  It’s under your control 100%!!

Wishing you continued growth.


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